Wednesday, October 21

Baby Mia!!!

So we found out on Father's Day '08 that my sister Kacey was having a baby.. and she was due in December... But on Halloween '08 we found out my sister-in-law, Tara, was expecting!!! And she was due in May!! So we were not only getting one new baby... but TWO!!! (and actually.. i found out a couple weeks before my parents did... so they found out on Halloween... hahaha) 

Shortly after Blake arrived we found out that Tara was having a GIRL!!! Mia made the 8th grandchild and the 3rd granddaughter!! We were soooo excited!!!

So... On May 20th (a weekish past her due date..) Little Miss Mia Ashley Nichol joined our family!! She was 7 lbs. 9 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long!! She had black, naturally curly hair and the prettiest, long, black, curly eyelashes! She was, hands down, the most beautiful newborn i have ever seen!! No lie!!

Tara and Kade are the cutest parents!! They are sooo cute about Mia! Kade is already wrapped around her chubby little fingers!! And Tara is such a proud mom!! I am sooo happy for them!! Little Miss Mia is such a stinkin' DOLL!! I am so obsessed with her!! Actually, most people are obsessed with her, I think!! And everyone thinks she looks like she could be the poster child for a cabbage patch kid!! yes... she IS that cute!!!

Tuesday, October 20

Brett FINALLY came home!!!

I don't even know where to begin!! I guess the beginning is always the best place... right?? haha I'll try to shorten it though!!! 10 years is a long time! :)

I met Brett Cracroft in 7th grade at Mt. Jordan Middle School!! But in the 9th grade he became one of my best friends!! And we have stayed best friends ever since!! Brett and I have a very odd relationship! Well, I guess it's really only odd to other people! But to he and I... it is totally normal and it makes sense! Most people don't understand how we can be so close and NOT be dating each other... It's simple really.. Brett is like my adopted brother! My parents even claim him as one of their own!!

So back in December of 2006.. I was at Dimple Dell working.. and Brett came in.. with a HUGE smile on his face, to give me the news that he had received his mission call! He had been called to serve in the Melbourne Australia Mission! And he left May 2, 2007!!!

Well.. the end of April rolled around and I was dreading May's arrival!! I remembered what it was like to have my brother out on his mission.. and i knew it would be pretty similar with Brett.. And I was right!! His farewell talk was rough!! We got there late, because we had gone to my cousin's that same morning, so we had to sit in the foyer.. I stood up against the wall and could see him through the open door.. I had tears streaming down my face almost the whole time!! It was a little pathetic.. I'll admit it!! haha Well... May 2nd came.. and Brett left. :( he was in the MTC for 3 weeks!! And on the day he flew out, May 23rd, he called me.. but i didn't answer my phone... so he left a message!! Don't worry, i cried for 3 days because i missed that call!! But he and I wrote back and forth his entire mission!! And I even got to talk to him on Mother's day in May of '08!!

Finally the two very long years were coming to an end!!! It was almost May and I kept e-mailing Brett and asking him if he knew his flight plans for coming home yet!! His parents flew out to get him so he was gone an extra 10 days!! haha But once he actually knew his flight plans and his parents were there with him.. he called me!! And yet again.. I didn't answer.. so he left a message!! Telling me he'd be home May 16th. His flight landed at 1:03 and I better be there at the airport!!

Well... My parents and I showed up at the airport.... with a few other people... and we all waited for Brett to show up.... 15 minutes went by.. it was 1:20.. and i was getting very anxious!! Brett wasn't coming down the stairs!! 15 mintues turned into half and hour.. and a half an hour into an hour.. still no Brett. Walter called a member of the bishopbric in their ward and he told him their flight plans had gotten changed and they wouldn't be home until the 17th around 4... WHAT?? I thought i had died!!! I was sooo excited to see my best friend and i had to wait another 26 hours!! I cried all the way home from the airport!! I honestly couldn't stop it!! I was sooo disappointed!!

So.. my parents and i headed back to the airport at 3:15 on Sunday, May 17th.... We were almost there when my phone rang.. i didn't know the number.. and usually i don't pick up numbers i don't know... but i answered it.. here is how the conversation went...

Brindi: "Hello?" Mystery caller: "Hello?" Brindi: "Hello?" Mystery caller: "Hello?" Brindi: "Who is this??" Mystery caller: "Who is this??" Brindi: "What?? You called me! Who is this!?" Mystery caller: "Guess!!!" Brindi: "I don't wanna guess!!" Mystery caller: "haha Brindi just...." Brindi: "*gasp* is this my BRETT??" Brett: "Hey Brindi!!!" Brindi: "Wait a minute.... where are you?!?!" Brett: "Im just chillin in the LA Airport!" Brindi: "WHAT?? You're still in LA??" Brett: "Yeah, our flights got all messed up.. but we'll be landing at 8:17 tonight!!"

So as Brett and I finished our conversation my dad turned the car around and we headed back home to wait a few more hours!! I had to take a nap to pass the time!! But... at about 7:30... we headed back to the airport!! 3rd time really is a charm!! :) We got there a little early.. and it's a good thing!! Brett's plane landed early!!! We only had to wait a few minutes and he was coming down the stairs!!! YAY!!! It was sooo good to see him!! I even got a hug!! And I took lots of pictures!! :)

Yay for getting my best friend back!!!! Even if he didn't come home with a sexy accent!

Baby Blake!!

Last december my oldest sister had her 5th baby!! Kacey and Josh are the kind of people who don't find out what they are having!! And.. they won't tell anyone what names they are thinking of because they don't want anyone to give their opinions about it! haha

So.. Kacey has four other kids... 3  boys and 1 girl!! Bryston, who was 11, didn't really care if the baby was a boy or a girl! Collin, who was 9, wanted the baby to be a girl!! and then you get to the twins.. Shaela and Colby, who were 6... Colby definitely wanted a boy!! But... Shae is the only girl (and you can definitely tell!!) haha and of course.. being the only girl.. she REALLY wanted the baby to be a little sister! In a conversation she had with kacey she told her, "If the baby is a boy.. i am not holding it." Everyone else was pretty neutral.. we were just excited to have another baby around!! It has been two and a half years since we had a tiny one... but not gunna lie.. I kinda wanted it to be a girl!!

So finally the day came!! On December 12th, 2008 Kacey went into labor!! I had to close at the salon that night, and it was KILLING me waiting for the call!! I was so anxious to know what the baby was! So around 7 i got the phone call... It was a BOY!!! I have to be honest.. i was a bit disappointed.. and I knew Shae would be too!! But for the next two hours i couldn't wait to get out of the salon to go meet the newest member of my family!! Oh.. and they wouldn't tell my his name until i had met him!!! yeah, it was rough!!

So FINALLY 9 o'clock came and I got to go home so my dad and i could run to the hospital!!When we first got there they had just barely taken the baby to go get his temperature checked and such.. so i had to wait even longer! But finally they brought him back in!! And i met my little Blake Nicholas Jensen!!

Christmas was so fun!! we had the cutest baby Jesus for my mom's little nativity pageant thing that she has all the grandkids act out!! (she's ridiculous!!) haha

Everyone loves Blake!!! Blake has been such an awesome addition to our family!! He is so easy going!! and so much fun!! I love how he is so snuggly!! And.. best of all... he LOVES his Aunt Bee!!! :)

Heather's Wedding!!

Four years ago my parents and i moved out to Riverton.. and the very first person i met, who was my age, was this amazing girl, named Heather!! I swear we are kindred spirits!! She and I are so much alike its scary sometimes!! :) But I seriously love her!! She brought me out of my shell and taught me that it was okay to dance like a crazy person while in the car!!

This past march she married an awesome guy named Jason! And they are seriously the cutest and most fun couple ever!! They got married Friday, March 13th 2009 and I was lucky enough to be one of her bride's maids!! It was so much fun getting to be there for all of it!! Well.. almost all of it!! haha

Katie (one of the other bride's maids) and I got ready together.. but we had to run a few errands before we went to the temple.. and we arrived a tiny bit late.. whoops!! haha so we weren't there to see them walk out of the temple, but we were there for pictures!! So it all worked out!

After billions of hugs and pictures we went inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for the luncheon and ring ceremony!! But before we could get started the Bride had to use the bathroom... so.. we pulled a 27 Dresses moment and I held her dress for her!! haha and had her mom take our picture!! of course!! :)

After the luncheon Katie and I were on our way back to my house to get ready for the reception... but.. Katie still wanted to find a cute pair of shoes for the night and we had a whole bunch of time to kill.. so.. we went shopping!! and found a ton of stuff to go with our outfits!! :) shoes, headbands, ribbons, and bracelets... no offence to the other bride's maids... but we were the cutest ones there!! hahah

It was a long day, but worth every minute!! Heather looked amazing!! And her reception was perfect!! (Minus the car decorating part... but we really don't talk about that! haha)

I'm so glad she and I are friends!! And that i got to be a part of her big day!! Love you Heath!!

We're going to do a BIG update!!

So I thought about doing just a summer vacation update.. but then i realized that i have had a TON of stuff happen this year.. so i figured i should just do a HUGE update and start from the beginning!! But only put in the big stuff.. the fun stuff!! Weddings, babies, homecomings, vacations, day trips, birthdays, etc, etc!!.. (and if i can figure out how to put pictures in.. i will!) So.. here we go!! :)