Thursday, September 24

the reason for the blog..

A few months ago i was talking to my amazing friend, Noggin, or Cali Hinkley to those of you outside my head, and she told me i should get a blog so she could stay updated with me! I pretty much just laughed at her and told her i had nothing to write about that people would read.. so she told me to write about all my vacations!! So.. I might just do that!! It was a pretty busy vacationing summer!! :) So if you've already heard about them and seen the pictures.. just ignore those posts! mmkay?

also.. I'm still very new at this... so if you have any tips or tricks.. please let me know!! eventually i will learn how to spice up my blog!! :)

Definitely new at this...

well kids.. by popular demand... i have started a blog!!

buckle up.

so far I have no idea how to work this.. and i really have nothing to write about.. but that's okay! I'm sure something will pop into this little, dust filled brain of mine! :) just hang in there!!