Monday, January 18

Recap of Oh-Nine! Bring on the Twenty-Ten!!

First of all.. a couple quick updates on my birthday, Christmas, and New Years...

So anyone who knows me, knows I don't do mornings well! But the morning of my birthday Brett came and woke me up. Brave man!! ;) So Brett comes down the stairs and opens my door.. and my parents had decorated my door (its a tradition...) so he couldn't get into my room without ruining it.. so he told me to get out of bed and that he had a surprise for me.. so of course i was a brat about it! haha I wanted to know how the crap he had gotten into my house! But he just kept telling me to get up... So I made him go upstairs so i could get out of bed and fix my crazy hair! And then i met him up there.. I wasn't very happy that he had gotten me out of bed on my birthday.. but as i got to the top of the stairs i turned and he was holding a bouquet of beautiful pink roses!! They were seriously perfect!! He is the best guy friend ever!! And he is going to make some girl VERY happy one day! He is so good at giving flowers!! :) So i hung out with Brett for a little while and then got ready for the day... Tara and I went to the Wasatch Jr High basketball games Abby was coaching.. GO WARRIORS!! I like to think that both teams won for my brithday! ;) It was fun to see our little Abby acting so grown up! bahaha actually.. she did such a great job coaching those girls! I'm impressed she had so much patience with them!! Way to go, Abby!! .. then i went home and met my parents so we could go out to dinner at Asian Star!! Seriously the best Chinese food EVER! It was sooo good! And after dinner we went to see Blindside! We LOVED that movie! It was awesome!! I had a very relaxed birthday, but it was so amazing!! The next night I went out to dinner with Tara, Kade, Abby, Mia, and Sway to celebrate! Dinner was so much fun! And I'm so grateful all of you came just for me! The Next night i had a party at my house with a bunch of friends!! Kacey and Josh let me borrow their Wii, an X Box 360, and one of their big flat screen TVs.. So we had Super Mario Brothers going in one room... and Rockband going in another! I thought it was so much fun! And I had a lot of friends show up! So thanks to everyone who came!! You guys are the best!! Then the next night we had a birthday dinner with the family! Blake's birthday is only 9 days after mine so we had a combined birthday party!! Yes, everyone else was shocked that i let someone else share my party!! haha but my little Blake and I just have a very special bond! He is the cutest little thing!! So I had no problem sharing with him!! Thanks everyone for making it such a fantastic birthday weekend!! Here are a few pictures from that weekend..



Christmas was so good this year! My parents are amazing and let me have a themed tree! I am obsessed with polka dots... and my mom had found these way cute ornaments at IKEA that were red with white polka dots and silver with white polka dots and even some that were white with red polka dots! They were seriously so cute!! Our tree rocked! It was so gorgeous! And I was so sad when it had to be taken down!! I tried to convince my mom it could be a Valentine's Day tree... but she wasn't havin it! haha The many Christmas parties were also wonderful!! We had a Mads reunion a few days before Christmas.. and it was sooo good to see everyone!! My how the group has grown! ;) A lot of the Mads are now married or engaged! So crazy that we're really this old! haha It was so fun singing some of our old songs! But... We have forgotten quite a bit!! haha whoops! ;) And we (Jenny, Heid, and I) discovered that somethings never change! A certain someone still throws us all off.. Dan Jones still turns bright red when you tell him he's naked under his clothes.. Lonesome Road still makes Mandy's grandma cry.. Peter can't give The Pasture to another Mads group yet.. and friendships really do last forever! :) Christmas Eve with my parents and siblings was awesome! As always!! My mom had the kids do the pageant again... and like every year.. it was madness! haha But still super fun! Christmas day we went to my mom's parents' house for Strawberry waffles and the food exchange!! Always a fun event!! Thanks family for the entertainment!! :)



New Years was very different this year!! My parents had thought it would be fun to go to Bear Lake... so we tried inviting a few people to come with us, but no one could.... so it ended up jut being my parents, Brett, and me! We drove up on New Years Eve and came home on Sunday! It was a pretty calm weekend! We watched movies, played lots of hand and foot, and went for a walk on the beach and out on the ice. My parents drove back home early on Saturday morning so they could go through the temple with my 3rd cousin, Brennan. And while they were gone I got another one of my crazy migraines! Poor Brett tried so hard to take care of me! But I was worried about being a pain so i didn't let him help very much! My mom told me to try a heating pad or an ice pack... so I did both! I had the heating pad on one side and an ice pack on the other! After a few hours my head started to feel a little better! And finally my parents got back! They had brought me some other medicine to try, since ibuprofen doesn't seem to do anything! But other than that... the weekend was fabulous!!

2009 was a fantastic year!! So many fun things happened! We kicked off the year with a jeeping trip, Heather's wedding, Brett came home, making new friends, having fun with the girls at the salon, Mia was born, multiple fantastic Bear Lake trips, Temple dedications, learning i was allergic to MSG, Vegas madness, California fun, friendships renewed, 4-wheeling with Brooke, Pumpkin painting for Halloween, Trick-or-Treating with Gavin and Tasha, Swine Flu fiasco, starting a blog, Christmas tree hunting, Polka Dot Christmas tree, 22nd birthday, combined birthday party with my favorite little Blakey, Blake turning 1 and learning to walk, multiple new hair dos, Mads reunion, Christmas, and we're back to New Years! 








It was a very full and busy year! But so very fantastic! I'm so grateful for the experiences i had and the friends i have made! I can't wait to see what the rest of 2010 brings!!