Thursday, January 13

It's a New Year!!

Welcome to 2011!!

I realize that we're over two weeks into the year, so this new years post is a little late, but I figured it would only get later and later every day! :) So I'm finally getting around to it!

So far, Two-Thousand-Eleven has been AMAZING!! I have the most incredible friends! The best family anyone could ever ask for! And I feel so unbelievably blessed!

I didn't set specific resolutions this year... (Of course, I have the usual... eat healthier and lose weight.. that's normal for most people...) But this year, my resolution was to over-all have a better year. Twenty-Ten was a rough one. But I'm bound and determined to make this one LOTS better. It has worked so far!! :)

Let's quickly do a recap of 2010, shall we?

January- Kicked off the year with a trip to Bear Lake!! :) We discovered that I have weird neurological problems with my migraines when I eat MSG! (Monosodium Glutamate) Blake started walking! Kade turned 26!

February- I was excited when I thought I only had one more year of writing missionaries left. (HA! Wishful thinking!) We also found out about Blaine's brain tumor. I started my Lifeguarding class. I spent a week and a half as a single mom with Wade's kids!

March- I finished my Lifeguarding class and started guarding at The Dell. I officially met and became friends with Paul. Baby Sadryia was diagnosed with SMA. I burned my eyelid, with my curling iron, while trying to curl my hair. Some hairstylist I am. ha ha (It was nothing serious... I just still feel like an idiot about it! And it's funny!) Miss Mia learned to walk! Tara turned 26!

April- We went Jeeping with the Cline's and Boyd Colton. This is the trip I peed my pants on. Yup... 22 and I wet my pants. It wasn't funny then.. but it is sure hilarious now! ha ha Kacey and I found some super cute swim suits at Lime Ricki! Gavin turned 9! Grandma Phip turned 75!

May- I went back to being more of a blonde! (Side note- No more being a brunette.) Miss Mia turned 1!!! Kacey turned 34!

June- Summer weather FINALLY started to show up! I was busy Lifeguarding.. and hating a couple of the guards. I discovered just how great people watching was at a pool. Summer Bear Lake trips officially started! Oh! Tasha told me what my F.E.C.'s name is... Pie-on-a-Potato... I'm still searching for him. :) Maggie turned 22! Grandpa Phip turned 79! Grandma Helen turned 90!

July- Two Bear Lake trips! Kacey and I found "Bee" swim suits from Lime Ricki that I HAD to have. An amazing "Cousin's Weekend" at Bear Lake! Beautiful Saydria passed away, she had the most beautiful memorial I have ever been to! What a precious little spirit! And we all miss her dearly! Tasha turned 4! Bryston turned 13!! And the twins turned 8!!!

August- More Bear Lake! Grandma Helen (my dad's mom) came with us for the entire week we were there! It was so fun having her there! She did great! And it always amazes me that she is 90! We made our final visit to Blaine. Josh turned 34!

September- The twins were baptized! Misty brought some awesome friends up to Bear Lake that we just LOVED! Adult DISNEYLAND trip with Kacey and Josh!! Blaine's funeral. An awesome "S'more Party" with Kade, Tara, and Mia in our backyard! Misty turned 32! Collin turned 11!

October- I got home from Disneyland and headed straight to Bear Lake! (Not even 24 hours in Utah! ha ha) Everyone came to visit us on Halloween! We had the cutest Monkey, Buzz Lightyear, Clown, Cinderella, Ladybug, Ghost, Knight, and Clone Wars something-or-other (sorry, Gav, I have no idea what you were actually called!) Misty brought me a pumpkin she had carved for me that was of Tinkerbell's face! And I had painted a warty pumpkin to look like a witch! :)

November- We found out Kade and Tara are having a baby in April! The stupid snow showed up, for real.. not just a little flurry. My dad's father passed away. Thanksgiving with the big extended family was a success! We had our usual food assignment- PIES! I made two new pies this year! Both delicious! Wedding in Phoenix, AZ for my dad's cousin! Dad turned 55!! Greg turned 34!

December- Grandpa's fineral. We found out Kade and Tara are having a BOY! Zach came home from his mission! Mom and I discovered the most amazing necklaces EVER!! <---visit! you won't be sorry! :) I officially became friends with Dallas! Mag and I realized we've been joined at the hip for 11 years! Christmas was AMAZING! I love my family! I love spending time with them! New Years Eve was also AMAZING! My sisters and their families came over to play games and they all slept over! So I made them Swedish Pancakes in the morning! :) I turned 23! Blake turned 2! Mom turned 55!

We ended the year with a BANG! And 2011 started perfectly!

It is now the 18th of January.. (I started this post like 5 days ago.. and never finished it! Oops!) These past 18 days have been so excellent! I have some super amazing friends.... But I have two of the greatest guy friends you could ever think of. Their names are Dallas Olsen and Paul Stratford. And these boys make my life so fun! Paul is leaving for his mission, to Japan, next Wednesday, the 26th. So we have been trying to make these past few weeks amazing! We have had some super fun adventures!

These adventures include:
- Singing at the top of our lungs in Dal's car!
- "Got BUDDHA on my neck-uh-lus"!
- Trip to the McDonald's RedBox to get "Inception".
- Dinner and a movie at Dal's house!
-Dal made us dinner! :)
- Being sooo confused by "Inception" and Dallas and Paul trying to explain it!
- Matching bracelets!
- Fruit snacks and Pop Rocks surprises!
- Surprise Peanut M&Ms while I was at work!
- Catholic Mass at Juan Diego...
- Since Paul graduated from Juan Diego he had
to explain a lot to Dallas and I! HA! Three
Mormons in a Catholic Mass... I'm sure we stuck
out! Big time! :) But I'm super glad I went! How
grateful I am to be LDS!
- A trip to the Super China Market!!
- Paul finding us unusual "treats"...
- Dallas pulling some of the funniest faces while trying our Asian Market gems!
- A trip to Sonic to get Lime Ricky's...
- Then off to Sinclair to take pictures with the Dinosaur!
- A Harmon's stop... we went to get cherries, but they're out of season so we settled for a "kiwiano"... it was probably the coolest fruit I've ever had!
- Domino's Pizza!!
- Parking in the Park... Eating Pizza... fogging up the windows -three people breathing and two steaming hot pizzas = sssuuuuper fogged windows...
-Poh-Poh stopping and telling us the Park closed at 10. (It was 10:03.. ha ha)
- Going back to the Juan Diego parking lot to pick up my car and sitting there talking to the boys for almost two more hours!
- Trip to the D.I. -yes, these boys got me to walk into a D.I. .. big accomplishment!
- Buying a $15 couch and $8 skis..
- Building a scouch! (a couch with skis nailed to the bottom of it.)
- Going down a hill on our scouch five times!
- Warming up with some hot chocolate at Starbucks!
- Kidnapping Dallas to go DDR at the Union Heights movie theatre!

We have 8 more days until Paul leaves.... And I have no idea what adventures await us! :) But I am so excited! These boys have made me so happy! And I love them!

So far 2011 has been better than 2010!! I've started to make some big changes in my life! I'm happier than I have been in a very long time and I am so grateful for good, supportive friends. Amazing parents with unconditional love. Super supportive siblings! Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Siants! An incredible Branch President. Knowing my Heavenly Father loves me! And most of all... I'm grateful for the Atonement. Oh, how blessed I am!