Monday, June 21

My F.E.C. = Future Eternal Companion

My Mystery Man

My sister, Misty, sent me a text the other morning telling me she had a story to tell me.... Misty has this darling little three year old (who is almost 4..) and she is quite funny! The things she can come up with just kill me!

You see... Misty has always had a great imagination and she passed this same talent on to both of her children! Gavin and Tasha are GREAT at entertaining themselves and playing. They both have wild imaginations and can play pretend better than any other children I know. The stories and scenarios they come up with are great!!

Back to the original point of this post....

Misty sent me a text telling me she had a story to tell me. So of course I replied with... Okay, let's hear it..... I don't think I could have ever prepared myself for what was coming... The story goes a little something like this:

Tasha walked into Misty's bedroom and sat on her bed to talk to her. She asked, "Mom, who are all of my uncles?" So Misty told her who all of them were... to which Tash asked, "Will I get anymore uncles?" So Misty told Tasha that she would get one more uncle. Eventually Aunt Bee (that's me..) would get married and he will be her last uncle. Well.. with Tasha.. everyone has to have a name! And if you don't know their name, you have to make up one, or give them one. So Tasha asked Misty what her last uncle's name would be... to which Misty responded with, "I don't know Tash, we don't know who he is." So she said... "Well can't we give him a name?" So Misty said, "Sure! Shall we call him Brindi's Handsome Prince, for now?" Tasha's reaction: "No, I think his name is Pie-on-a-Potato."

What was my reaction? Oh, I almost died laughing! I had tears streaming down my face I was laughing so hard! However, I said to Misty, "Oh great! Now I'm really never going to get married! Not when he finds out that's the kind of name he is getting when he marries me!"

So, Mr. Pie-on-a-Potato, (whoever you are) you and I will be verrrry happy together. For eternity. I am dreadfully sorry for the name you've been given. But I really, really, really hope you can look past that unfortunate name and love me anyway.


The Future Mrs. Pie-on-a-Potato.

Thursday, June 17

Things I've learned while lifeguarding at Dimple Dell:


I thought the Front Desk was always the best place to "people watch"... but I have recently realized that the pool is also an excellent source for these gems!! Ha! So here is a list of things that I've learned since becoming a guard-

1- The couples that fake bake together, stay together.

2- It is totally acceptable to let your three year old roam and wander to the deeper end if you're standing in the shallow end with your capris rolled up and the sleeves of your hoodie pushed up..

3- Lifeguards are just glorified and over-paid babysitters.

4- Twelve and thirteen year old girls now-a-days are wearing the skimpiest bikinis... seriously, moms? Yeah... that's definitely the message you want your little girls to be putting out there. Congratulations on the Best Mom of the Year Award. NOT.

5- It is also totally acceptable for really heavy women to be wearing these same bikinis and let everything just hang out... Are these moms sharing swimsuits with their daughters now?

6- No matter what age you are... moobs are NOT attractive! --unless, of course, you've got a mullet to go with those moobs... then it's just straight up classy!!

7- More PDA is shown at a pool than in High School hallways... and by adults in their late 20s - early 30s. You freaks are known to all of the guards as "the gross couple over there".

8- Everything gets blamed on the Head Guard. (-or the front desk.)

9- In a matter of a millisecond a kid will forget you just whistled at them and told them to stop running.

10- Being cooped up in the guardroom with someone you don't like makes it the longest 15 minute break... EVER!

11- Being on 15 minute rotations makes you live your life in 15 minute increments.

12- If a child can't tell you their name... they are not old enough to be in the pool by themselves.

13- If it's not a scandalous bikini... then basketball shorts and a T-shirt are the new swimsuit for girls....

14- If you don't run to the slide it might disappear in the five extra seconds it would take you to get there... yup.. us lifeguards like to do magic tricks like that.. watch out! ;)

15- A wet white T-shirt over a bikini doesn't hide a thing...

16- Yellow T-shirts are also see-through...

17- The people you can't stand visit the pool more often then anyone else.

18- Lap swimmers get really mad when they have to share a lane. -they also get mad when they are asked to move for a swim lesson.

19- When the pool is dead the guards play "I spy" with each other to keep them awake.

20- Lifeguards are definitely a different breed of humans....

This is sometimes what i feel
like I'm working with...

Friday, June 4

Half Birthday....

Today was my half birthday!!! Yes, I am weird, i LOVE celebrating half birthdays! :) I love celebrating birthdays, too.. But I think half birthdays are more fun!! :) People don't expect to hear happy half birthday!

I have always hated having a birthday in December.. (sorry to any of you who have December birthdays and love it...) when i was little all my friends with summer birthdays got to have fun parties outside and in pools or at parks and such... most of mine were indoors... playing those lame party games that everyone got sick of within the first five seconds! (Thank you mom for trying anyway...) However... the perk to having a birthday in December... is having a HALF birthday in JUNE!! :)

I'll be honest... I love June! I'm not sure why it's my favorite month... but it is! The weather is usually perfect! Not too hot, not too cool. Its the first month we officially start busting out all the summer things! Summer activities, summer outfits, summer foods and treats, summer vacations, etc. I love the BBQs, the family dinners outside, pasta salad, the bright colored clothing i wear, my billions of pairs of flip flops, swim suits, weekend get-aways to my house at Bear Lake, laying out, snow cone stands everywhere, popcicles and otter pops, boating, wakeboarding, all the flowers, and all the outdoor weddings! And I am sure there are many other things i am forgetting about!! :)

But just for a second lets focus on the last thing i put... I LOVE outdoor wedding receptions! They are beautiful!! ---- We all know most girls plan their weddings when they are little... luckily we change our minds about some of the things we want! ;) ---- But i have always wanted my wedding to be in June, on a Friday, and outside. When i was a sophomore in high school i would always tell people i wanted to get married on June 3rd and when i was twenty-three and a half... During my senior year i figured out what year i would be 23 and a half... (and it happened to be on a Friday... How perfect!) haha But that year i had a few teachers predict that i would be married within a year of graduating... to which i would reply... No! I'm going to go to two years of college, go on a mission, be home for a year, do more schooling, and THEN get married. On June third, two-thousand eleven.. 

HA!! My how quickly plans change! :) I only did ONE year of college... (then went to a year of hair school- which was the best decision ever, by the way!) And as I'm sure you all know.. I didn't go on a mission. But... there is one goal that I have not missed or messed up.... yet. hahaha

Today is June 3rd, 2010... and I am now twenty-two and a half... meaning i have exactly ONE YEAR until my "dream wedding date"... One year to: find someone i can't live without, date him, be engaged to him, plan a wedding, and get married... haha!! To answer your question- No, I honestly don't think it will happen.. So in that case, if "Plan A" really doesn't work out, i have come up with a "Plan B" for June 3rd, 2011... I want to go through the temple and receive my endowment! Either way.. something HUGE and super special will happen on June 3rd, 2011. I think it's a great alternative!! :)

Life hasn't gone exactly the way i had planned... Four years ago I thought I had it all figured out... But... circumstances and opportunities come up, things happen, and sometimes even mistakes are made... all of which change our plans a little bit. However, I am extremely grateful for the way my life has worked out. I have some pretty amazing friends. I've learned very valuable lessons. I have learned who i am and who i want to be. I have learned what kind of guy i DON'T want to marry, and what kind of guy i DO. I have learned that in order to attract that kind of guy, i MUST be that kind of girl. I have learned how grateful i am to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And I have learned how much my Heavenly Father truly loves me! I am also sooo grateful that Heavenly Father knows what is best for me. I might think i know how my life should go, but in the end, i am always glad He took the reins.

Thursday, June 3

Hate Mail...

Dear Summer:

Where have you been? I think you took too long of a vacation! Your appearance is WAY past due. So I am really hoping you are here to stay... and you plan on staying for awhile.

Yes, yes I do realize I live in Utah and the weather is bound to change in 5 minutes... However.. you sure have been getting lazy the past few years. You think it is acceptable to show up late and leave early. Not cool! Please remember you have a lot of people counting on you to show up! No more late comings or you will be forced to stay and not get paid overtime! Shape up!! Mmkay?

Thanks a bunch!!