Monday, October 4

Back from Disneyland!

We are back! The trip was awesome and we had such a good time! Disneyland was so fun! Like always. We spent three days in the park and that is prefect! Just enough time to see what you want and go on all the rides you like! And just enough time to make your legs want to fall off! ha ha

We used to fly out on Tuesday mornings, but then JetBlue changed their flight to being later. So we decided to fly out on Monday night instead. Our flight was delayed half an hour, so it was kinda nice we weren't planning on using that time to be in the park! ha ha We went to dinner shortly after we landed to the Stagecoach something-or-other and I had the best Caesar Salad I've ever had!!

We stayed at the Ramada Hotel and it was actually really nice! The rooms were great! And it's just down the street from Disneyland so we walked there and back every day!

Tuesday we spent most of the day in California Adventure. We went on California Screamin', then walked past my favorite ride, Midway Mania- which is the awesome Toy Story ride- but it was closed because they are adding in Toy Story 3 things. We went on the swing ride that took over where the other swing ride that looked like an orange was. Kacey got me to go on Mulholland Madness (which is like Wild Mouse at Lagoon... and I HATE them both.) But then I got her to go on Tower of Terror, which she hates! We went on the Jelly Fish ride and the golden rocket ride.. we were killing time to use our California Screamin' fastpass.  We grabbed lunch at the Wharf Cafe.. and I had the BEST Asian Salad in a bread bowl!! So good! We went on Soarin' Over California (which is another favorite ride of ours..) twice! We went and talked to Crush. We even went on Monster's Inc.! It was a hot day so we were trying to hit all of the air conditioned rides! :) We went on the Grizzly River Run! That ride is guaranteed to soak you! Every time!! We had done every thing we wanted to do in California Adventure, so we decided to wander on over to Disneyland while we waited for the parks to close so we could see World of Color. Over in Disneyland we found "Shirt-Girl".. I'll put a picture up of her.. I am horrible and probably going to Hell because I was sneaking pictures of this girl to make fun of her.. But she was wearing a longer tank top and SHORT short-shorts. Her tank top nearly covered all of her shorts, but she kept pulling down on it anyway to cover her bum. This girl was soaking wet, and her shorts were tan... so i'm sure they were a little see through and she was worried about people seeing her underwear..... except she pulled her tank top down so much that you could see the entire back of her bra. So really she didn't do herself any good! ha ha After shirt girl we wandered over to Pirates of the Carribean. We went to see The Tribute of Captain EO.. oh my gosh. It should have stayed in the 80s. ha ha then we did a couple other things before going back to California Adventure to watch World of Color.

World of Color is AMAZING! And a must-see!! I'm serious! It was seriously the coolest thing I've seen! Better than Fantasmic!! Bigger, too! I would honestly go back to Disneyland just for World of Color! (But I do love Disneyland, so of course that won't be the ONLY reason I go back!) The pictures really don't do it justice, so go see it for yourself!! :) Thank you Elise for the awesome suggestion! You were right, it was incredible!! And I LOVED it!

Wednesday we went to Disneyland all day! We went on Pirates, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and we went inside the rotating building (I don't know the actual name of it.. but I think it was the one that used to be the futuristic building..) it was super cool! We got to see the ASIMO Robot that walks and talks! It's so nerdy, but I thought it was awesome!! We went on Big Thunder Mountain a couple times. Space Mountain and Splash Mountain again.. And we even saw the Block Party. It was okay, but I miss the Parade!

Thursday was only a half day at the park. We had to be at the airport by 6:30 so we decided to leave the park by 4. It was a pretty relaxed day. We started at California Adventure and rode California Screamin' twice and then headed to Soarin' over California and rode that twice as well. We did a little bit of shopping.. picked up most of the things we needed to.. Except I forgot to get my a mom Mr. Prickle Pants... From Toy Story 3.. Sorry, Mom!! And then we headed over to Disneyland. We went on a couple of rides and then we went on the Pirate Ship! After that we headed back to the hotel to pick up our car and go get some dinner before getting to the airport. As soon as we got into Longbeach we heard that there were thunderstorms and rain in Anaheim! ha ha We got out just in time! :) We had dinner and then got through security at the airport! As we were sitting there waiting for our plane, we were told it was delayed half an hour... But really it ended up being almost 45 minutes late. We finally boarded the plane and flew home! It was a rough ride, but we all made it back safely!

It was a wonderful trip and I'm so glad I went!! Kacey and Josh are so awesome! I love spending time with them! Especially when it's in the happiest place on Earth! :)