Monday, December 27

Ode to the Mom...

Today is my mom's BIRTHDAY!!!

So I wanted to give her a very special blog shout out!! :)

Today, my mom is turning 55...

so I thought I'd do 55 things that I love about my mom!

1. She is so kind.

2. She is always taking care of me.

3. She loves my dad more than anything,

4. She loves her kids.

5. She loves us AND she constantly shows us she does.

6. She LOVES being a grandma.

7. She acts like a child when the grandkids are around.

8. She has a hard time saying "no".

9. She spoils me.

10. She gets crazy when she is tired.

11. She has gone to every important concert and event that any of us were a part of.

12. She denies that she's crazy! ;)

13. She is so fun!

14. She taught me how to bake.

15. She makes the world's best cookies.

16. She makes some pretty tasty pies, too!

17. She is actually a really good cook all around.

18. She taught my sisters how to be really good mothers.

19. She taught me how to be a good mom, too... I just haven't put it to use yet.

20. She adopts all of my friends as her own kids.

21. She loves it when my friends call her Mama Nichol.

22. She loves Disneyland almost as much as I do!

23. She has loved me, unconditionally, for 23 years.

24. Today, she told me I was her favorite Birthday present.

25. When I told her I was born 3 and a half weeks before her birthday, so I didn't really count as a present, she told me the best presents always come early.

26. She is obsessed with Penguins.

27. She acts like a child when she hears the word penguin.

28. She has a season pass to the Living Planet Aquarium just so she can go see the Penguins any time she wants.

29. She loves being with her family.

30. She loves chocolate.

31. She makes really good treats.

32. She is funny.

33. She is loving.

34. She is generous.

35. She sings when she has saggy socks.

36. She gives great hugs.

37. She always makes me feel better when I have a bad day.

38. No matter how hard I try... I can't hide anything from her.

39. She always knows when something is wrong with me.

40. Her grandkids think she is awesomely cool.

41. Her grandkids think she is fun to play with.

42. She gave me her good looks! ;)

43. She and I share clothes.

44. She loves Bear Lake.

45. She has taught us all to play at Bear Lake.

46. She passed on her love of Bear Lake to my dad and the rest of us.

47. She likes to read books with her grandkids.

48. She let's me come visit her at work and take her to lunch.

49. She taught us to love music.

50. She has the best parents, so we are very close with them.

51. She loves her mother-in-law and has one of the best relationships with her.

52. She is very helpful.

53. She has to have me help her work her phone.

54. She loves the Gospel. And taught us how important the temple is.

And best of all..........

55. She is my best friend.

I love you, Mom! Thanks for being the best mom in the world! I can't imagine where I would be without you! You are amazing and I am so grateful I chose to be one of your kids!

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